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Husky Ride

Project for HCDE 419 - Concepts in HCI: Studies the social, cognitive, behavioral, and contextual aspects of information systems and informational dimensions of the human-computer interface, and other user-centered design concepts. A quarter-long project asked groups to design a service for both web and mobile that would impact social change. We created a campus-wide ridesharing app that allowed students to offer and request rides to and from school based on the location of their residence.

We researched the space to see how existing ridesharing services worked and determined the features and functionality we would need in our product in order to cater to our audience (UW students). The app first asked whether you were looking or providing a ride, followed by detailed questions for direction (to/from campus), time, and location. An algorithm would match students together and notify each party. In addition to the research and design, I created an interactive prototype that we used to test with potential users and to gather feedback on the overal user experience. At the time, the app was called "eCarmony," and after testing with students around campus, we were able to improve on the user flow of the app, and rebranded to "HuskyRide" in order to satisfy an overwhelming user request. Launch the demo.