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Wanderfly for Brands

As the product matured, we wanted to create an outlet where brands and travel influencers could use the Wanderfly platform more effectively by providing additional tools and features. These "Pro" features provided additional control and management of a pro-user's profile and content. We built features such as customizable survey/contests, allowing their followers to better engage with their profiles.

Brands and mostly tourism boards were able to "own" their city or country and take over the page with their branding. If a user were to browse Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, they would be seeing a page owned by the Myrtle Beach Tourism Board, and we would surface relevant experiences as recommended by them. It was an effective way for a typical user to build confidence in the recommendations because they were being supported by a well-respected source.

Branded pages allowed any brand to bring their voice to the travel space. For example, Havaianas would recommend more beach-related destinations and experiences, Jeep with more outdoorsy, off the beaten path, and adventurous, Mashable with tech-centric, and Thrillist focusing on men's lifestyle interests. We allowed a brand to become a travel guide that focused their already established genres. A typical user looking to discover more boutique and luxurious experiences in New Orleans could visit Hotel Le Marais' page and, like a virtual concierge, find things to do around the French Quarter that fit their particular clientele.